Isang kwarto. Madilm at halos walang laman ngunit punong puno ng sakit na nagmumula sa kanya. Bawat araw, bawat minuto, nag-iiwan siya ng bakas ng masalimuot na pakiramdam na hindi niya mawari ang pinanggalingan.

A conversation

"Who are you?" "I am you," replied the woman who looks exactly like her. "But I don't know you." "Exactly. You don't know who you are anymore."

The Birth of Chaos

I walked lifelessly that night, unexpectedly tired for an uneventful day just sitting and listening. I wasn’t sure why, but now, it just made sense. A terrible surge of comfort is back. The home feeling of fear and anxiety ignited in my burning mind.


Exposed and vulnerable. Waiting to be dragged somewhere far unknown. But surely, it is not the monsters that I fear...

tell me who your friends are.

Flowing and real!


its 1:04 am. i wrote 4 days ago but only posted about it now. some might say the delay is a fear…a fear deep down inside me of you seeing how i really think and for you to realise that my thoughts are as scattered as my first blogpost. others might think I’m lazy for not capitalising the first letter of my sentences… but really who has time to hold shift when there are so many thoughts on my fingertips??? and then there will be a few grammar nazis correcting “realise” up there and will tweet me tomorrow saying “ate Bela it’s supposed to be “realize” not REALISING/REALIZING that my laptop is set on the british-english mode of spelling and not american-english so…Ha! we’re both right, you just felt the need to call me out on social media (yes. it hasn’t happened yet but I am anticipating it, sue me.)…

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