In the search for the simple,
You will find yourself in a circus of questions.
Is simple possible? Aren’t we all complicated?
All of us have versions
of what seems to be happening. 
Only perspectives.

Look into an object with your eyes
See it in your own limited view.
And give it a new and distinct meaning
that only you can define.

Whether you speak of it or not,
You have given its existence a share of your mind.
thought, an idea or a feeling of disregard.
Whatever your reaction towards it,
no one could ever think of it
exactly the same way you did.

All your thoughts are triggers to different realities.
The door to possibilities
And dreams you never would have wanted to wake up from.

So value your ideas
Those sparks of life within your mind
But process, understandand criticize
Because there is no black or white
It is all simple and complicated
Embrace those sparks that give life
Kill those who aren’t right
That is one way to make things simple
And yet, it isn’t as simple as that.

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