Raw, Unfinished Pieces

Unfinished poems and phrases... one line after another, maybe we'll reach the end.

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Human in the Making

Missed the submission for 2019 essays, but here's mine.


In the search for the simple, you will find yourself in a circus of questions. Is simple possible? Aren't we all complicated?


From cold flesh to crushed bones, I remember all. As if I was stuck in August all year long.

I Thought

I’m amused with the fact that we get to live two lives at once. One in our head, where we can control almost everything, and then there’s real life, the meeting of every mind in the world, all influencing one another.

After Credits

The dark theater wasn't silent after all. For it had seen more stories than the movies it played. And one of them was ours.


Isang kwarto. Madilm at halos walang laman ngunit punong puno ng sakit na nagmumula sa kanya. Bawat araw, bawat minuto, nag-iiwan siya ng bakas ng masalimuot na pakiramdam na hindi niya mawari ang pinanggalingan.

A conversation

"Who are you?" "I am you," replied the woman who looks exactly like her. "But I don't know you." "Exactly. You don't know who you are anymore."

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